Traffic Management

Demonstrates how to use Dubbo’s traffic management feature.

Dynamically adjust request timeout

Setting a timeout period for Dubbo requests can effectively improve system stability and prevent individual services from being blocked and occupying too many resources.

By dynamically adjusting the service timeout period during the running period, it can effectively deal with problems such as frequent service timeouts and service blocking caused by unreasonable timeout settings and system emergencies, and improve system stability.

Adjust traffic distribution by weight

Adjust traffic distribution by weight

Temporarily kick the service instance

Temporarily kick the service instance

traffic grayscale

According to the tags in the request context, the traffic is restricted and the grayscale release

Routing according to request conditions

Routing according to the request initiator and method condition

Traffic isolation

Isolate service traffic in different environments to ensure that services are not affected by each other

Same computer room/zone priority

When an application invokes a service, it preferentially invokes the service provider in the same computer room/area.

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