Upgrade to Dubbo3

Quickly understand the upgrade steps and compatibility of Dubbo 3

** Upgrade directly to Dubbo 3.0 without changing any code. **

At the beginning of the design and development of version 3.0, we set the goal of being compatible with older versions of Dubbo users (2.5, 2.6, 2.7). Therefore, the upgrade process to version 3.0 will be completely transparent, users do not need to do any business transformation, and the behavior of the framework after upgrading to version 3.x will remain completely consistent with version 2.x.


But also note that the transparent upgrade is only the first step towards 3.0, because “consistent framework behavior” means that users will not be able to experience the new features of 3.0. **If you want to enable the new features brought by 3.0, users need to make some modifications. We call this process migration, which is an on-demand process. **

Therefore, for legacy users, there are two different migration paths:

  • In two steps, first promote business upgrade to version 3.0 in compatibility mode (no modification required), and then enable new features on demand at certain times (modification on demand);
  • The upgrade and migration are completed synchronously. When the business is upgraded to version 3.0, the transformation is completed and new features are enabled;

The new features provided by Dubbo 3.0 include:

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