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Apache Dubbo is a microservice framework that provides high-performance RPC communication, traffic governance, observability and other solutions for large-scale microservice practices.
Covers Java, Golang and other language SDK implementations.

Dubbo |ˈdʌbəʊ| offers six key functionalities, which include transparent interface based RPC, intelligent load balancing, automatic service registration and discovery, high extensibility, runtime traffic routing, and visualized service governance.

Transparent interface based RPC

Dubbo provides high performance interface based RPC, which is transparent to users.

Intelligent load balancing

Dubbo supports multiple load balancing strategies out of the box, which perceives downstream service status to reduce overall latency and improve system throughput.

Automatic service registration and discovery

Dubbo supports multiple service registries, which can detect service online/offline instantly.

High extensibility

Dubbo’s micro-kernel and plugin design ensures that it can easily be extended by third party implementation across core features like Protocol, Transport, and Serialization.

Runtime traffic routing

Dubbo can be configured at runtime so that traffic can be routed according to different rules, which makes it easy to support features like blue-green deployment, data center aware routing, etc.

Visualized service governance

Dubbo provides rich tools for service governance and maintenance such as querying service metadata, health status and statistics.

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