Call Intercept Extension

Expansion Description

Service provider and service consumer call process interception. Most functions of Dubbo itself are implemented based on this extension point. Every time a remote method is executed, this interception will be executed. Please pay attention to the impact on performance.


  • User-defined filters are by default after built-in filters.
  • The special value default, indicating where the default extension point is inserted. For example: filter="xxx,default,yyy", means xxx is before the default filter, and yyy is after the default filter.
  • The special symbol - means culling. For example: filter="-foo1", exclude adding the default extension point foo1. For example: filter="-default", remove all default extension points.
  • When the provider and service configure filters at the same time, all filters are accumulated instead of overwritten. For example: <dubbo:provider filter="xxx,yyy"/> and <dubbo:service filter="aaa,bbb" />, then xxx,yyy,aaa,bbb will take effect. If you want to overwrite, you need to configure: <dubbo:service filter="-xxx,-yyy,aaa,bbb" />

Extension ports


Extended configuration

<!-- Consumer call process interception -->
<dubbo:reference filter="xxx,yyy" />
<!-- The default interceptor of the consumer call process, which will intercept all references -->
<dubbo:consumer filter="xxx,yyy"/>
<!-- provider call process interception -->
<dubbo:service filter="xxx,yyy" />
<!-- Provider call process default interceptor, will intercept all services -->
<dubbo:provider filter="xxx,yyy"/>

Known extensions

  • org.apache.dubbo.rpc.filter.EchoFilter
  • org.apache.dubbo.rpc.filter.GenericFilter
  • org.apache.dubbo.rpc.filter.GenericImplFilter
  • org.apache.dubbo.rpc.filter.TokenFilter
  • org.apache.dubbo.rpc.filter.AccessLogFilter
  • org.apache.dubbo.rpc.filter.CountFilter
  • org.apache.dubbo.rpc.filter.ActiveLimitFilter
  • org.apache.dubbo.rpc.filter.ClassLoaderFilter
  • org.apache.dubbo.rpc.filter.ContextFilter
  • org.apache.dubbo.rpc.filter.ConsumerContextFilter
  • org.apache.dubbo.rpc.filter.ExceptionFilter
  • org.apache.dubbo.rpc.filter.ExecuteLimitFilter
  • org.apache.dubbo.rpc.filter.DeprecatedFilter

Extended example

Maven project structure:

                | (implement the Filter interface)
                |-org.apache.dubbo.rpc.Filter (plain text file, content:

import org.apache.dubbo.rpc.Filter;
import org.apache.dubbo.rpc.Invoker;
import org.apache.dubbo.rpc.Invocation;
import org.apache.dubbo.rpc.Result;
import org.apache.dubbo.rpc.RpcException;
public class XxxFilter implements Filter {
    public Result invoke(Invoker<?> invoker, Invocation invocation) throws RpcException {
        // before filter...
        Result result = invoker.invoke(invocation);
        // after filter...
        return result;


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