Simple Registry

Simple Registry Reference Manual

This function has been removed in Dubbo 2.7, please select other registry for migration.

The Simple registry itself is an ordinary Dubbo service, which can reduce third-party dependencies and make the overall communication method consistent.


Expose the Simple registry as a Dubbo service:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<beans xmlns=""
    xsi:schemaLocation=" /dubbo">
    <!-- Current application information configuration -->
    <dubbo:application name="simple-registry" />
    <!-- Expose service protocol configuration -->
    <dubbo:protocol port="9090" />
    <!-- Expose service configuration -->
    <dubbo:service interface="org.apache.dubbo.registry.RegistryService" ref="registryService" registry="N/A" ondisconnect="disconnect" callbacks="1000">
        <dubbo:method name="subscribe"><dubbo:argument index="1" callback="true" /></dubbo:method>
        <dubbo:method name="unsubscribe"><dubbo:argument index="1" callback="false" /></dubbo:method>
    <!-- Implementation of a simple registration center, which can be expanded by itself to achieve cluster and state synchronization -->
    <bean id="registryService" class="org.apache.dubbo.registry.simple.SimpleRegistryService" />

Quoting the Simple Registry service:

<dubbo:registry address="" />


<dubbo:service interface="org.apache.dubbo.registry.RegistryService" group="simple" version="1.0.0" ... >


<dubbo:registry address="" group="simple" version="1.0.0" />

Applicability Notes

This SimpleRegistryService is just a simple implementation and does not support clustering. It can be used as a reference for a custom registry, but it is not suitable for direct use in a production environment.

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