gRPC Protocol

Feature description

Dubbo has supported the gRPC protocol since version 2.7.5. For developers who plan to use HTTP/2 communication, or want to take advantage of the capabilities of Stream, backpressure, and Reactive programming brought by gRPC, You can consider enabling the gRPC protocol.

Benefits of supporting gRPC

  • Bring service governance capabilities to users who expect to use the gRPC protocol, and facilitate access to the Dubbo system
  • Users can use Dubbo-style, interface-based programming style to define and use remote services

scenes to be used

  • Synchronous backend microservice-to-microservice communication that requires an immediate response to continue processing.
  • Requires a Polyglot environment that supports mixed programming platforms.
  • Low latency and high throughput communications where performance is critical.
  • Peer-to-peer real-time communication - gRPC pushes messages in real time without polling and has excellent support for bidirectional streaming.
  • Network Constrained Environments - Binary gRPC messages are always smaller than equivalent text-based JSON messages.

How to use

Using gRPC in Dubbo



  1. Define a service using IDL
  2. Configure the compiler plug-in, precompile locally
  3. Configure to expose/reference Dubbo service

In addition to the native StreamObserver interface type, Dubbo also supports RxJava, Reactor programming style API.

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