0-5 - Cache file size exceeded

Other modules reuse the file-based caching mechanism of the Common layer (currently the metadata module), and the file caching mechanism of the Common layer “discovers” that the file size exceeds the limit.

Possible Reason

  1. The user has unreasonably configured the Java System Property (the Java system property configured with -D) dubbo.mapping.cache.maxFileSize or dubbo.meta.cache.maxFileSize
  2. The cache file is corrupted due to file system or disk errors.

dubbo.mapping.cache.maxFileSize and dubbo.meta.cache.maxFileSize do not show default values, The default value of the maximum file size found according to the logic of org.apache.dubbo.common.cache.FileCacheStore.LimitedLengthBufferedWriter is: Long.MAX_VALUE ( 263-1 ).

Troubleshooting and resolution steps

  1. Try reconfiguring the above Java System Property (Java System Property configured with -D).
  2. Delete the cache folder and restart Provider and Consumer (the location of the cache folder is usually ~/.dubbo. If dubbo.meta.cache.filePath and dubbo.mapping are configured .cache.filePath` is that path).
  3. If these System Property are not configured, please go to GitHub Issue Tracker to issue an Issue.