Direct Connection Provider

Direct point-to-point connection in Dubbo

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In the development and testing environment, it is often necessary to bypass the registration center and only test the specified service provider. At this time, point-to-point direct connection may be required. The point-to-point direct connection method will use the service interface as the unit and ignore the provider list of the registration center. A The point-to-point interface configuration does not affect the B interface to obtain the list from the registration center.


Configuration via XML

If the online demand needs point-to-point, you can configure the url to point to the provider in <dubbo:reference>, which will bypass the registration center. Multiple addresses are separated by semicolons, and the configuration is as follows:

<dubbo:reference id="xxxService" interface="" url="dubbo://localhost:20890" />

Specified by -D parameter

Add the -D parameter mapping service address to the JVM startup parameters, such as:


By file mapping

If there are many services, you can also use file mapping, use -Ddubbo.resolve.file to specify the mapping file path, this configuration has a higher priority than the configuration [^3] in <dubbo:reference>, such as:


Then add the configuration to the mapping file, where the key is the service name and the value is the service provider URL:

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