Configuration Framework and Service Behavior

Check at startup

Check that dependent services are available at startup

Distributed Transactions

Use distributed transactions in Dubbo

Group Aggregation

Aggregate the results by grouping and return the aggregated results

Port Protocol Multiplexing

dubbo3 port protocol multiplexing, single port multi-protocol support

Reactive Programming

Using the Reactive API to operate Triple streaming calls

Service Version

Configure multiple versions for the same service in Dubbo

Cluster Fault Tolerance

When the cluster call fails, the fault tolerance solution provided by Dubbo

Parameter Validation

Parameter verification in dubbo3

Service Group

Use service groups to differentiate between different implementations of a service interface

Asynchronous call

Initiate an asynchronous call in Dubbo

Service Downgrade

Downgrade Dubbo service

Generalization call (client generalization)

RPC calls that do not require a server-side API

Stream Communication

Stream communication based on Triple protocol

Thread Pool Isolation

Provide a new thread pool management method for isolating thread pools between services

Call link to pass implicit parameters

Implicitly pass parameters between service consumers and providers through Attachment in Dubbo

Direct Connection Provider

Direct point-to-point connection in Dubbo

Dynamic IP call

Specify the target IP of this call before initiating a Dubbo call

Consistent Hash Site Selection

Address selection based on consistent hash in the load balancing phase

RPC call context

Store the environment information required in the current calling process through the context

Subscription Only

Only subscribe without registration

Call trigger event notification

Event notification when an exception occurs before and after the call


Configure multi-protocol in Dubbo

The server makes a callback to the client

Call client-side logic from server-side via parameter callback

Local Masquerade

Learn how to use local masquerade to achieve service degradation in Dubbo3

Multiple Registries

Register the same service to multiple registries in Dubbo

Local Stub

Understand the use of local stubs in Dubbo3 to execute part of the logic on the client

Echo Test

Check whether Dubbo service is available by echo test

Call Information Record

Understand dubbo3 call information records to configure and use through access logs

Achieving generalization (server-side generalization)

Implement a generic remote service Mock framework, which can handle all service requests by implementing the GenericService interface

Asynchronous execution

Asynchronous execution of Dubbo service provider

Local call

Local call in Dubbo

Delayed Exposure

Delayed exposure of Dubbo services

Sign Up Only

Only register but not subscribe

Distributed transaction support

Support for distributed transactions in Dubbo

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