Diagnostics and Tuning

Request time-consuming sampling

Dubbo 3 request time-consuming sampling

Threading Model

Routing Status Collection

routing status collection

Service Reference Configuration Object Cache

Cache ReferenceConfig in Dubbo3

Load Balancing

Cluster load balancing strategy provided by Dubbo

Registration Information Simplified

Learn about dubbo3 to reduce the registration data of services on the registry

Call Result Cache

Speed up access by caching results

Concurrency Control

Concurrency Control in Dubbo

Connection Control

Connection control between server and client in Dubbo

Delayed Connection

Configure delayed connection in Dubbo

Stick Connection

Configure sticky connections for stateful services

Support Graal VM

Export thread stack

Automatically export thread stack in Dubbo to preserve the field

Kryo and FST Serialization

Using efficient Java serialization (Kryo and FST) in Dubbo

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