dubbo:module element

Module configuration. The corresponding class org.apache.dubbo.config.ModuleConfig

PropertyThe corresponding classTypeRequisiteDefaultEffectDescriptionCompatibility
namemodulestringYservice governanceModule name is for registry combing the dependencies of modules.above 2.2.0
versionmodule.versionstringNservice governancemodule versionabove 2.2.0
ownerownerstringNservice governanceModule manager, Pls. fill in the mailbox prefix of the person in chargeabove 2.2.0
organizationorganizationstringNservice governanceOrganization name is for registry distinguishing between the source of service. As a suggestion, this property should be written in config file directly. Such as china,intl,itu,crm,asc,dw,aliexpress etc.above 2.2.0

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