dubbo:application element

Application configuration. The corresponding class: org.apache.dubbo.config.ApplicationConfig

PropertyCorresponding URL parameterTypeRequisiteDefaultEffectDescriptionCompatibility
nameapplicationstringYservice governanceApplication name is the unique identifier of an application. It is for registry combing the dependencies of applications. Note: Consumer and provider application name should not be the same, and this parameter is not a match condition. As a suggestion, you can name it as your project name. For example, kylin application invokes the service of morgan application, then you can name kylin application as “kylin”, and morgan application as “morgan”. Maybe kylin also works as a provider, but kylin should still called “kylin”. In this way, registry can understand the dependence of applicationsabove 1.0.16
versionapplication.versionstringNservice governanceThe version of current applicationabove 2.2.0
ownerownerstringNservice governanceApplication manager. Pls. fill in the mailbox prefix of the person in chargeabove 2.0.5
organizationorganizationstringNservice governanceOrganization name is for registry distinguishing between the source of service. As a suggestion, this property should be written in config file directly. Such as china,intl,itu,crm,asc,dw,aliexpress etc.above 2.0.0
stringNservice governanceThe architecture of service layering. Like intl,china and so on. Different architecture use different layerabove 2.0.7
environmentenvironmentstringNservice governanceApplication environment. Like develop,test,product. Work as the limit condition of developing new functionabove 2.0.0
compilercompilerstringNjavassistperformance optimizationJava class compile.It is used for the generating of dynamic class. The options are JDK and javassistabove 2.1.0
loggerloggerstringNslf4jperformance optimizationThe format of log output,The options are slf4j,jcl,log4j,log4j2 and jdkabove 2.2.0

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