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WebService-based remote calling protocol,base on Apache CXF frontend-simple and transports-http implements。

Interoperable with native WebService services:

  • Providers expose services using Dubbo’s WebService protocol, which consumers invoke directly using the standard WebService interface,
  • Or the provider exposes the service using the standard WebService, which consumers invoke using the Dubbo WebService protocol.




  • Number of connections: multiple connections
  • Connection: short connection
  • Transmission protocol: HTTP
  • Transmission: synchronous transmission
  • Serialization: SOAP text serialization
  • Applicable scenarios: System integration, cross-language calls


  • Parameters and return class should implement Serializable interface
  • Parameters should try to use the basic types and POJO


configure webservice protocol:

<dubbo:protocol name="webservice" port="8080" server="jetty" />

configure provider level default protocol:

<dubbo:provider protocol="webservice" />

configure service level default protocol:

<dubbo:service protocol="webservice" />

configure multiple port:

<dubbo:protocol id="webservice1" name="webservice" port="8080" />
<dubbo:protocol id="webservice2" name="webservice" port="8081" />

configure direct connect mode:

<dubbo:reference id="helloService" interface="HelloWorld" url="webservice://" />


Jetty Server (Default):

<dubbo:protocol ... server="jetty" />

Servlet Bridge Server (recommend):

<dubbo:protocol ... server="servlet" />

configure DispatcherServlet:


Note that if you use servlets to dispatch requests:

  • the port of protocol <dubbo:protocol port="8080" /> must same as servlet container’s.
  • the context path of protocol <dubbo:protocol contextpath="foo" /> must same as servlet application’s.

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