Local Call

Local call in dubbo

The local call uses the injvm protocol, a pseudo-protocol that does not turn on the port, does not initiate remote calls, is directly associated within the JVM, but executes the Dubbo Filter chain.


Configure injvm protocol

<dubbo:protocol name="injvm" />

Configure default provider

<dubbo:provider protocol="injvm" />

Configure default service

<dubbo:service protocol="injvm" />

Use injvm first

<dubbo:consumer injvm="true" .../>
<dubbo:provider injvm="true" .../>


<dubbo:reference injvm="true" .../>
<dubbo:service injvm="true" .../>

Note: Dubbo services are exposed locally from 2.2.0 by default. It can be referenced locally without any configuration. If you don’t want the service to be exposed remotely, you only need to set the protocol to injvm in the provider.

Automatically exposed, local service references

2.2.0 or later, each service is exposed locally by default. When referring to the service, the local service is referenced by default. If you want to reference a remote service, you can use the following configuration to force a reference to a remote service.

<dubbo:reference ... scope="remote" />

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