Hostname Binding

Hostname binding in dubbo

Lookup order

Default host IP lookup order:

  • Get local address via LocalHost.getLocalHost().
  • If it is 127. * loopback address, then scan the network for host IP

Host configuration

Registered address if it is not correct, such as the need to register public address, you can do this:

  1. edit /etc/hosts : add machinename and public ip, such as:

  2. in dubbo.xml add host address configuration:

    <dubbo:protocol host="">
  3. or config that in

Port configuration

The default port and protocol:

Protocol Port
dubbo 20880
rmi 1099
http 80
hessian 80
webservice 80
memcached 11211
redis 6379

You can configure the port as follows:

  1. in dubbo.xml add port configuration:

    <dubbo:protocol name="dubbo" port="20880">
  2. or config that in