Graceful Shutdown

Graceful shutdown in dubbo

Dubbo is graceful shutdown through the ShutdownHook of the JDK, so graceful shutdowns are not performed if you force shutdown the command, such as kill -9 PID, and will only be executed if kill PID is passed.


Service provider

  • When stop, first marked as not receiving new requests, the new request directly return the error, so that the client retries other machines.
  • Then check thread pool thread is running, if any, waiting for all threads to complete execution, unless overtime, then forced to close.

Service consumer

  • When stop, No longer initiate a new request, all request on the client that got an error.
  • Then check the request has not returned the response, waiting for the response to return, unless overtime, then forced to close.

Configuration shutdown wait time

Set graceful shutdown timeout, the default timeout is 10 seconds, if the overtime is forced to close.


If ShutdownHook does not take effect, you can call it yourself, in tomcat, it is recommended by extending the ContextListener and call the following code for graceful shutdown


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