Configure rule

Configure rule in dubbo

Write then dynamic configuration to the registry center,This feature is usually done by the monitoring center or the center’s page.

RegistryFactory registryFactory = ExtensionLoader.getExtensionLoader(RegistryFactory.class).getAdaptiveExtension();
Registry registry = registryFactory.getRegistry(URL.valueOf("zookeeper://"));

In the config override url:

  • override:// Indicates that the data is overwritten,support override and absent,can extends,Required.
  • Indicates that the configurations is valid for all IP addresses,If only want to overwritten specified ip data,you can replace that specified ip address.Required.
  • Indicates that is valid for specified service,Required.
  • category=configurators Indicates that the data is dynamic configuration,Required
  • dynamic=false Indicates that the data is persistent,When the registered party withdraws,the data is still stored in the registry Required
  • enabled=true override strategy is enable,can absent,if absent,then enable.
  • application=foo Indicates that is valid for specified application,can absent,if absent,then valid for all application.
  • timeout=1000 Indicates that the value of the timeout parameter that satisfies the above conditions is overwritten by 1000,if want to override another parameters, add directly to the override URL parameter.


  1. Disable service provider.(Usually used to temporarily kick off a provider machine, similar to the prohibition of consumer access, please use the routing rules)

  2. Adjustment weight:(Usually used to capacity assessment,default is 100)

  3. Adjustment load balance strategy.(default random)

  4. Service downgrade:(Usually used to temporarily mask an error of non-critical services)


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