Dubbo Examples

Learn about Dubbo by examples

Preflight Check

Config preflight check in dubbo

Fault Tolerance Strategy

Fault tolerance strategy in dubbo

Load Balance

Load Balance in dubbo

Thread Model

Config thread pool model in dubbo

Explicit Target

Specify explicit target in dubbo

Subscribe Only

Config subscribe only in dubbo

Multiple Protocols

Config multiple protocols in dubbo

Multiple Registries

Config multiple registries in dubbo

Service Group

Grouping service in dubbo

Static Service

Config static service in dubbo

Multiple Versions

Config multiple versions for services in dubbo

Group Merger

Group merger in dubbo

Parameter Validation

Parameter validation in dubbo

Cache Result

Cache result in dubbo

Collect Broadcast Responses

Dubbo broadcast2 broadcast mode collects port responses from all providers

json generic invoke

support generic invoke of json string parameters

msgpack serialization

Using msgpack serialization in Dubbo

provider timeout release

Dubbo provider executes timeout release

Invoke provider with specified IP port

For multiple instances registered in the provider cluster, specify Ip:Port to invoke.

Generic Reference

Generic reference in dubbo

Generic Service

Generic service in dubbo

Echo Testing Service

Echo testing service in dubbo


Dubbo context

Implicit parameters

Pass implicit parameters between consumer and provider

Asynchronous Call

Asynchronous call in dubbo

Asynchronous Execution

Asynchronous execution on dubbo provider side

Local Call

Local call in dubbo

Callback parameter

Callback parameter in dubbo

Event Notification

Event notification in dubbo

Local Stub

Local stub in dubbo

Local Mock

Local mock in dubbo

Delay Publish

Delay publish dubbo service

Concurrency Control

Concurrency control in dubbo

Config connections

Config connections in dubbo

Lazy Connect

Lazy connect in dubbo

Stickiness Connection

Config stickiness connection in dubbo

Token Authorization

Config token based authorization in dubbo

Routing Rule

Config routing rule in dubbo

Configure rule

Configure rule in dubbo

Service Downgrade

Downgrade service in dubbo

Graceful Shutdown

Graceful shutdown in dubbo

Hostname Binding

Hostname binding in dubbo

Logger Strategy

Config logger Strategy in dubbo

Access Log

Config dubbo access log

Service Container

Use service container in dubbo

ReferenceConfig Cache

Cache ReferenceConfig in dubbo

Register Only

Config registry only service in dubbo

Distributed transaction

Distributed transaction support in dubbo

Thread Dump

Automatical thread dump in dubbo


Config netty4 support in dubbo


Using Efficient Java Serialization in Dubbo (Kryo and FST)

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