Test Coverage Guide

The benefits of unit testing

  • Unit test code can help everyone to go into details and understand the function of the code.
  • We can find bugs by test case, and then enhance the robustness of the code.
  • Test case code is also the demo usage of the core code.

Some design principle of unit test case

  • Steps, fine-grained and combination conditions should be well designed.
  • Attention to boundary condition test
  • Test code should also be designed without writing useless code.
  • When you find a method that is hard to write unit test, if you can be sure the method is “smelly code”, then refactor it with the committer.
  • The mock framework in dubbo is: mockito. Some tutorials:mockito tutorial,mockito refcard
  • TDD(optional):When you start a new issue, you can try to write test case at first

The specified value of the test coverage

  • In the stage, the test coverage specified value of delta changed codes is :>=60%. The higher, the better.
  • We can see the coverage report in this page: https://codecov.io/gh/apache/dubbo