CLA Signing Guide

You are required to sign the Apache ICLA under the following condition:

  • You have made lots of contribution to Dubbo before Dubbo get donated to Apache, and you haven’t sign the Alibaba-CLA before.
  • You have made lots of contribution to Dubbo, and you are invited to become committer of Dubbo, and you have not signed Alibaba-CLA or Apache ICLA before.


  • Download this pdf
  • Fill in the necessary blanks
  • Print it out
  • Sign the printed file
  • Scan it
  • Send an email to and cc
    • entitled with “ICLA submission”
    • please also provide the link to your github account in the email body
    • remember to add you ICLA as attachment.

Explanation to the fields

  • Mailing address: Your company address in English is preferred.
  • preferred apache id(s): if you are invited to become committers, you have to choose one apache id, otherwise you can leave it blank.
  • notify project: Dubbo (This means Dubbo is the project who notifies you to sign the ICLA)

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