Apache Committer Guide

First: How to become a committer

Initial committers at the project incubator stage

At the project incubator stage, there will be an initial committers list in the proposal of the incubator project. Confirm that you are one of the initial committers. After the vote is passed in the Apache incubator community, these committers can start preparing their account. See incubator wiki for details.

The active contributor is elected as a committer

At the late development stage, an active contributor can be elected as a committer. See how to become a committer

Second: The individual contributor signs ICLA

1, Apache ID

Choose a Apache ID not in the apache committers list page.

2, Individual Contributor License Agreement (ICLA):

Download the ICLA template. After filling the icla.pdf with personal information correctly, print, sign, scan, and send it in mail as an attachment to the secretary secretary@apache.org, the secretary will help to create the Apache user ID. At the same time, a your-id@apache.org mailbox will be created. You can see if the user has been created on the [apache committers list page (http://people.apache.org/committer-index.html).

Third: Join The Apache Developer Group

  • 1, login via the Apache account tool, when you login at the first time, you can select the “Change password?” checkbox to get the initial password. Then the initial password will be sent to the forward mailbox (the developer mail recorded in the project incubator proposal)

  • 2, about Apache mailbox: does not have its own mail content storage server. It needs to borrow the mail content storage and mail sending functions of other mail providers. In many voting sessions, Apache mailbox is recommended.

There is a question about how to configure the apache.org mailbox forwarding function using other mailboxes.

  1. inbox: to receive mails that sent to youer-id@apache.org mailbox. The forward mailbox configured in the Apache account tool in the first step can use the forward mailbox to pick up incoming mail.

  2. the Outbox: emails sent out will show the sender as your-id@apache.org account. Please refer to: set up Apache mailbox guide and Gmail mailbox setting. In other mailbox service settings, this forwarding mode is not easy to find. Gmail is the most convenient, which is recommended (no advertising).

  • 3, Modify the homepage URL option in the edit page, homepage link of your account can be added in apache committer index page

  • 4, Modify the GitHub account in the edit page, and an email will be sent to invite you to join the github.com/apache-commiiters group. Now, please learn from the way ASF works to do some basic preparation of ASF development.

Fourth: To obtain write permission of the project

Operation of the GitBox account link tool

1, Apache account authorization

According to the prompt, the OAuth protocol of Apache account is authorized to login.

2, Github account authorization

According to the prompt, the OAuth protocol of Github account is authorized to login.

3, Set up GitHub account in github.com, two-factors authorization (2FA)

    1. install “Google Authenticator” app on your cell phone
  • 2), Following the authorized GitHub 2FA wiki, you can operation step by step .

In the two-factors authorization authentication (2. Scan this barcode with your app.) page, it is not recommended to select a two-dimensional code with a cell phone, because some of the cell phones will not be able to scan.

Please open the cell phone “Google Authenticator” app, click “+” to select “input the secret key”: write the GitHub account in the account name input box. In your “secret key” input box, write the text of the “enter this text code” link in the open web page. After clicking “add” in app, 6 digit dynamic will be generated for this account. Write the 6 digit number to the text box in the web page, and then click “Enable”. In this way, the 2fa is set successfully.

  • 3), logout and login to Github again, and one more step will appear after entering user name and password. Fill in the 6 digit number dynamic password generated by the app

  • 4),It will take about half an hour, and you will be notified by mail that you have joined the XX project-committers developer group. You can also check it in the [apache teams] (https://github.com/orgs/apache/teams) page yourself.

  • 5), After the 2fa has been submitted, you will have the permission check problem for the cloned projects. The solution is one of below two:

  • A. Apply for Access Token

When access token is generated on GitHub, the token where the instruction line needs a password is pasted.

Refer to website referenced link one and referenced link two

  • B. switch to SSH

ssh-keygen then paste the content in the pub file into GitHub.

Note: ensure that GitHub’s 2fa is “enabled”. When you set 2fa to “off”, it will be delisted by the corresponding Apache committer write permission group until you set it up again.

Fifth: other

The Apache way

See wiki.

The community is more important than the code If not discussed in the community (mailing list), just as it did not happen.

Add your name

Please update Dubbo incubator status page to add your name. See this guide for instructions.

Please update Dubbo official website to update your name.

A small benefit

Jetbrains company gives Apache committers a small benefit, which is free to use IDEA’s full series products. The specific address is: https://www.jetbrains.com/shop/eform/apache?Product=ALL

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