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3.0.1 Release Note

The release note of Apache Dubbo 3.0.1


  • Refactor NameMapping to Metadata, Support application field in MigrationRule
  • Add cache for scan result
  • Improve config overrides of method and argument
  • Support servlet takeover mode
  • Add ServiceListener for ServiceConfig
  • Improve method callback


  • Add force check
  • Fix multi-registry will destroy unavailable clusters
  • Remove needless toString convert & Enable checking by default
  • Ignore invalid MetadataReportConfig
  • Fix NPE when consumer start
  • Fix some compatiable issues
  • Optimize Service related issues
  • Opt Migration & Fix reSubscribe for ServiceDiscovery
  • Fix NPE in MetadataInfo
  • Fix customizer not changed

Code Improvement

Thanks for these contribution to improve stability of Apache Dubbo.

#8043, #8044, #8048, #8071, #8119, #8132