Building Enterprise Microservices with Dubbo!

Apache Dubbo is an easy-to-use, high-performance WEB and RPC framework with builtin service discovery, traffic management, observability, security features, tools and best practices for building enterprise-level microservices.

"Dubbo was invented in Alibaba and has been successfully supporting billions of services for years!"

Why Dubbo?


Easy To Use, Let Developers Focus On Real Business

Unified microservice development paradigm with multi-language SDK support. Supporting any protocol from HTTP/2, gRPC, REST, Thrift, to TCP.


Service Governance, Monitor and Control Cluster In Real-time

Built-in traffic management policies such as service discovery, load balancing, and routing. Rich ecosystem with tracing, circuit break, transaction, logging, metrics, service mesh, and visualized console integrations.


High Performance,Designed For Scale

Making the Alibaba Global Shopping Festival possible by supporting millions of instances and trillions of calls every year, it’s designed as low-latency, high-throughput, and high-scalability in the first place.


Production Ready, Proven Production-stable For Years

Dubbo users has achieved full industry coverage: Commercial Bank of China, Ctrip, Haier, Kingdee, Cloud Vendors like Alibaba Cloud, Tencent Cloud, Huawei Cloud, etc.

Use-case: Apache Dubbo In Eleme, Alibaba

By Jun Liu,Apache Dubbo PMC Chair

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Core Features

Service Mesh

Flexible data plane (Proxy & Proxyless) deployment options, seamlessly integrating with the Istio control plane governance ecosystem.

Service Discovery

Service Discovery with customized design for large-scale cluster with millions of instances and rich builtin registry adaptations such as Nacos and Zookeeper and even more by supporting customized extensions.

Traffic Management

The traffic control strategy based on routing rules provided by Dubbo can help realize the service governance capabilities such as full-link grayscale, canary release, proportional traffic forwarding, dynamic adjustment of debugging time, and setting of retry times.

Multiple Protocols

Dubbo supports almost all the protocols from HTTP/2, gRPC, TCP, REST to Thrift, choose any RPC protocols you need with only one line of configuration. It also allow you to publish different protocols on a single port.


Everything is extendable. Customize behaviors of invocation and management (like Filters, Routers, Service Discovery, Configuration, etc.) to adapt to the open-source microservices ecosystem.


Multi-dimensional observable indicators (Metrics, Tracing, Accesslog) help to understand the service running status, Admin console, Grafana, etc. help realize the visual display of data indicators.

Zero-trust Security

It supports TLS-based transmission link authentication and encrypted communication, as well as permission verification based on request identity, helping to build a zero-trust distributed microservice system.

Rich Ecosystem

One-stop microservice ecosystem adaptation: service registry, gateway, rate limiting and fallback, load balancing, consistent transactions, asynchronous messaging, tracing, and more.

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