schema configuration reference

The following pages show all the configuration properties [1] with XML Config [2] as an example. For other configurations, please reference: Properties Configuration, Annotation Configuration, API Configuration.

All configuration properties fall into three categories, see the "Function" in the table below.

  • Service discovery: used for service registration and discovery in order to find providers for consumers.
  • Service governance: used for service management and governance, such as to provide conveninence for dev or test.
  • Performance optinize: used for optimizing performance. Diffenent properties may has different performance impact.
  • All properties will transform into URL [3] which is generated by provider. The url will be subscribed by consumers through registry. Please see the Corresponding URL parameter in the table below for each property.

  1. Notice: These three properties, group, interface, and version determine a service. All other properties are used for service governance or performance optimize. ↩︎

  2. XML Schema: ↩︎

  3. URL format:protocol://username:password@host:port/path?key=value&key=value ↩︎