Explicit target

In the development and testing environment, it is often necessary to bypass the registry and test only designated service providers. In this case, point-to-point direct connection may be required, and the service provider will ignore the list of provider registration providers. The interface A configure Point-to-point, does not affect the B interface to obtain a list from the registry.


Configure with XML

If it is online demand needs the point-to-point feature,You can configure the specified provider url at <dubbo:reference>.it will bypass the registry, multiple addresses separated by semicolons, the following configuration:

<dubbo:reference id="xxxService" interface="" url="dubbo://localhost:20890" />

Configure with the -D argument

Add the -D parameter mapping service address to the JVM startup parameters:


Configure with the .properties file

If you have more services, you can also use file mapping to specify the mapping file path with -Ddubbo.resolve.file. This configuration takes precedence over the configuration in<dubbo: reference>, for example:


Then add the configuration in the mapping file, where key is the service name and value is the service provider URL:

NOTE To avoid complicating the online environment, do not use this feature online and should only be used during the testing phase