Dubbo Admin introduction

Now version 0.1 has been released, frontend uses Vue and Vuetify as javascript framework and UI framework, backend uses spring framework, you can deploy the whole project with maven or deploy frontend and backend separately.

Deploy the whole project through maven

  • install
git clone
cd dubbo-admin
mvn clean package
cd dubbo-admin-distribution/target
java -jar dubbo-admin-0.1.jar

Deploy frontend and backend separately

  • frontend deploy
cd dubbo-admin-ui 
npm install 
npm run dev 
  • backend deploy
cd dubbo-admin-server
mvn clean package 
cd target
java -jar dubbo-admin-server-0.1.jar

configuration: [1]

configuration file location




the three configure item above are configuration center, registry center and metadata center respectively, you can find explanation about the three centers here Same as Dubbo 2.7, you can set the addresses of metadata center and registry center on configuration center, in zookeeper, the path and content are as below:

# /dubbo/config/dubbo/

the addresses in configuration center have higher priority than those in

visit documents on github:

  1. there's no login module in the current version. ↩︎