The fourth Dubbo meetup has been held in Chengdu


The depth of the user communication

On August 26, 10:00 am - 12:00am, invited the arrival of the car to help, cloud gold, former BBD, flying fish star four companies open source enthusiasts and heavy users participate in face-to-face communication;According to the participants' feedback, answer to Dubbo many doubt, especially how to participate in the contribution to the community, as well as code contribution value point.Hope later can be more deeply involved in Dubbo communities and activities.

Meetup activity information

The event is still full, total enrollment of 976, 350 + site users, live PV 13207.

The registration information

Aliware Open Source, headquarters - Apache Dubbo developers salon on August 26 (Sunday) in chengdu high-tech zone tianfu hemicyenine rong international plaza, 200 five street on the 8th floor held the second floor conference room, technical thinking is GG feast, dry goods and welfare will not one less.
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